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Content you need for Koine Greek immersion.

You can travel back in time and immerse yourself in Koine Greek as a living language. Experience the language and its world like an ancient speaker. KoineGreek.com has the content you need to live in a Koine Greek world!

What is ἡ κοινὴ προφορά 'Koine pronunciation'?

... and does it really matter for learning the language?

Roman-period pronunciation

We pronounce Greek as it was pronounced in the Roman period (but with Byzantine/modern fricatives).

How do we know?

Documenting 'spelling mistakes' in ancient Greek inscriptions and papyri helps us reconstruct how it sounded.

Pronunciation is the language

Native speakers cannot separate pronunciation from language. It can and does affect meaning.

Retain your Greek better

Using a consistent and authentic pronunciation will help you learn and retain your vocabulary better.

Practice reading the ancient script in Koine pronunciation.

Learn to read ancient script while hearing ancient pronunciation. The reader displays the biblical text in five different scripts (Papyrus Uncial, Biblical Uncial, Medieval 11th century, Medieval 15th century, and Times New Roman) while playing the audio of that same text in historical Koine Greek pronunciation.


How can I keep time like the ancients in Koine Greek?

As a student or scholar of the Greek papyri, there are probably times where you come across something like Χοιάκ κγ or Τῦβι ιδ in a text and just sort of skip over it. You might think, "Yeah, Χοιάκ is the name of the month and κγ is a number". You might even know that κγ represents "23", but perhaps you don't know how to read that out in Greek so you suddenly switch from Greek to English to say "Χοιάκ 23". KoineGreek.com has made a resource that will enable you to follow the ancient calendar all in Koine Greek!

How can I learn to hear and speak Koine Greek?

New Koine Greek curriculum

The founder of KoineGreek.com, Benjamin Paul Kantor, is working with Biblical Language Center to produce a new Koine Greek curriculum based mainly on ancient Greco-Roman conversation manuals.

Greco-Roman Conversation Manuals

A collection of ancient conversation manuals that were actually used to teach Greek in the Greco-Roman world form the basis of the curriculum.


Can my children learn Koine Greek?

It's never too early to start teaching your children Koine Greek. Not only will this give you a fun way to connect with your child, but it will also help you grow your own Koine Greek fluency by leaps and bounds! I started teaching my son Koine Greek shortly after his first birthday. He is now three years old and we can carry on numerous activities in Koine Greek.

How do I say _____ in Koine Greek?

One of the challenges in developing spoken fluency in an ancient language like Koine Greek is being at a loss when you want to use a particular word. You can use the KoineGreek.com English-to-Koine dictionary to fill in the gaps.

Connect with other students and teachers or ask questions!

Language learning is a team sport. We need each other! If you want to learn and/or teach Koine Greek as a living language, it is really important to get plugged in to the community of others doing the same.