Koine Greek content for children? It's all here :)

It's never too early to start teaching your children Koine Greek. Not only will this give you a fun way to connect with your child, but it will also help you grow your own Koine Greek fluency by leaps and bounds! I started teaching my son Koine Greek shortly after his first birthday. He is now three years old and we can carry on numerous activities in Koine Greek.

Teach your child the Koine Greek alphabet ...

KoineGreek.com Books has published a simple children's book designed to teach your child the Greek alphabet. It is my hope that over time we will be able to develop some more resources for actually teaching children to read Koine Greek. But in the meantime, you can at least begin with ὁ πρῶτος μου ἀλφάβητος 'My First Koine Greek Alphabet' to teach them the letters!


Koine Greek cartoons and videos for children

Children love cartoons! If they are going to watch something, why not have them learn Koine Greek while they do it? Watching cartoons and videos in Koine Greek can be instrumental in teaching a child Koine Greek. They might just enjoy it too! A portion of (i.e., a playlist on) KoineGreek.com's YouTube channel contains cartoon videos especially for kids. 

Read children's books in Koine Greek ...

KoineGreek.com Books has come out with a number of books specifically designed for children. These can be a great way to refresh your Koine Greek and learn with your child as you are teaching them! Get the παραβολη του σπειραντος 'Koine Greek Parable of the Sower' book to read line-by-line through the parable with illustration or get το πρωτον μου λεξικον 'My First Koine Greek Lexicon/Dictionary' to cover hundreds of the most essential words in Koine Greek with illustrations for each of them.

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