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At the heart of the vision of KoineGreek.com lies a desire to transport students and scholars back to the world of the ancient text as much as possible. The KoineGreek.com Ancient Audio Reader helps do this by allowing users to practice reading texts in ancient papyri/manuscript hands while simultaneously hearing the audio in a reconstructed/historical pronunciation of Koine Greek.


To begin reading and listening, choose a 'Book' and 'Chapter' from the menu above and click the play button below the papyrus. You can choose 5 different hands in which to display the text by selecting various options in the 'Font' drop-down menu. PAPYRUS UNCIAL is based on the font of P66 (ca. 200 CE), BIBLICAL UNCIAL is based on Codex Bezae (5th/6th c. CE), Minuscule IX is based on ninth-century Byzantine hands, and Minuscule XV is based on fifteenth-century Byzantine hands (see more on fonts here and below).

As a result, through extensive reading practice with the KoineGreek.com Ancient Audio Reader, you can get good exposure to a wide spectrum of manuscripts from early papyri all the way through medieval transmission! If you are looking to get good practice for reading ancient manuscript hands, this is the place!


Finally, if you prefer to practice reading in a more familiar script, you can use Times New Roman font as well. For more help on how to use the player, click the question mark symbol in the top right of the papyrus.

*The BIBLICAL UNCIAL, PAPYRUS UNCIAL, Minuscule IX, and Minuscule XV fonts used in this reader are designed by Prof. Juan-José Marcos. If you desire to use them in your own work, you are able to purchase them (along with a license) here: Greek Paleographic Fonts. They are by far the best ancient/medieval Greek fonts I have encountered and are highly recommended.

*I would also like to thank Thomas Dolhanty who not only generously offered his reader app for this project, but spent many hours helping set it up on KoineGreek.com. This project owes a huge credit to him and the usefulness that so many will get out of this project is the fruit of his hard work.