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Search for a Koine Greek term by the English gloss. If your search yields no results, submit a request at the bottom of the page and I will try to add it to the lexicon as soon as possible.

As of the time of writing (March 2nd, 2019), this lexicon is an inverted version of several software-generated concordances. It includes the following texts comprehensively:

  • Byzantine Greek NT

  • LXX (Rahlfs)

  • Josephus (Works)

  • Greek Judaean Desert Texts

  • Epictetus (Works)

  • Apostolic Fathers

  • Eusebius (Church History)


The database for this lexicon, inasmuch as it includes the texts listed above, was generated with Accordance Bible software. Accordance and their partners own the copyrights on these texts (above). I should note that I highly recommend Accordance Bible software for Greek linguistic work and would recommend it above all other Bible software programs.

I should note that I have also added some entries myself, such as certain practical "daily-life" phrases from the Colloquia of the Hermeneumata Pseudodositheana in the text of Dickey (2012, 2015).