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Adam Olean
Apr 13, 2019
In Living Koine Greek Forum
I would like to share a collaborative list of Greek resources with all of you. It includes Ancient (especially Koine) and Modern Greek dialects. The primary focus is on resources that are educational, edifying, and/or useful for developing fluency (i.e., production and comprehension). It is not intended to provide anything akin to an exhaustive bibliography but does include some popular and standard reference works that might prove useful to students and teachers (e.g., lexicons and grammars). Michael Palmer and others have already produced and maintain excellent, detailed bibliographies: I had originally begun working on a list of Hebrew resources to share with fellow students and teachers, including those in Biblical Language Center's Live Video Classes. I am grateful for the collaboration and feedback that I have received from all of them. So far the Hebrew list is more fleshed out and communicatively oriented than the Greek list, but they're both still works in progress (bold, italics, underscore!). I've included links to both lists below for anyone who happens to be interested. Let's keep discussion focused on Koine Greek, however—at least until Ben decides to change the name of his website (again). ;-) I hope these lists prove even a little bit useful for some of you! List of Hebrew Resources List of Greek Resources

Adam Olean

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