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WATCH: Speeches in Ancient Greek in Delphi

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

I am super excited to announce that I will be giving a speech in ancient Greek this Friday the 8th of April at the Delphi Economic Forum (10:30am New York time, 15:30pm UK time, 17:30pm Greek time). You can watch it for free via a live stream. To do so, please register here:

The more people register, the more of a chance there is that things like this can happen in the future. So please do register and watch the stream!

I will not be the only one giving a speech in ancient Greek. There will be professors from all around the world giving speeches in ancient Greek and ancient Latin about how the values from classical literature are relevant for modern society. The title of our panel is ...

Delphi Classics: Classics in Praxis: Social Values from Classical Texts

There are a number of important organizations involved in this. The Delphi Economic Forum, of course, is the big one. Elliniki Agogi is an organization I have connections with and they are absolutely extraordinary. They teach ancient Greek as a living language in Greece. You can see some of their videos here: Elliniki Agogi. They also have materials, classes, programs, etc. They are outstanding!

Another important organization involved is PeopleCert/LanguageCert. Last year—as some of my followers might remember—I played a small part in an online press conference in which they introduced their Ancient Greek Language Certificate to the world, a very important step in spreading the knowledge and value of ancient Greek internationally.

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27 de ago. de 2022

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Thanks, Benjamin. This has piqued my curiosity, especially your commendation of Elliniki Agogi. Do they have any resources or courses appropriate for non-native Greek speakers or do all the materials require one to be proficient in modern Greek to begin?

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