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MY NEW BOOK: The Pronunciation of New Testament Greek

After many years of painstaking research, my two books on the Pronunciation of New Testament Greek are finally out today!


In honour of the books' official release date today, if you purchase either of the books today (13th July, 2023), you are entitled to a free subscription cycle of being a προστάτης 'patron', which gives you access to download many Koine Greek recordings of ancient texts in a historical pronunciation and discounts for purchasing the Vaticanus Bible:

  • Those who purchase the Short Guide are entitled to one free subscription cycle (i.e., one month) of the 'Monthly Patron' plan (a $5.49 value)

  • Those who purchase the large volume are entitled to one free subscription cycle (i.e., one year) of the 'Yearly Patron' plan (a $48.99 value)

After your purchase, just send us (today) via the contact form a screenshot of your proof of purchase and you will then receive a coupon code for one free subscription cycle of the relevant plan.

*Only one coupon can be used per customer, so if you purchase both volumes, you will receive only the 'Yearly Patron' coupon code. This offer is only valid for new patrons and does not apply to current patrons. Only valid if you send your proof of purchase to us today (13th July, 2023). The coupon code itself is only valid to be used for patron plans purchased this week. Note that these patron plans are only available to customers in USA (but not Kansas), Canada (but not Saskatchewan), and the UK. For more on the eligible regions, see the page about becoming a a προστάτης 'patron'.

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The promo code is only dordle applicable to patron plans bought during the current week. Please be aware that these membership options are only accessible to clients residing in the United States.


I appreciate the time and effort you put into researching this blog post.

moto x3m


This book is a much-needed addition to the field of biblical studies. Looking forward to enhancing my pronunciation skills with your expert guidance.

drift hunters


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Crini Rad
Crini Rad
May 13

There are more people who are starting to use your pronounciation.

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