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Koine Greek FILM TRAILER: The Martyrdom of Polycarp in Koine Greek (March 2019)

NOTE: The audio of the Martyrdom of Polycarp is already available here.

Have you ever heard about the requirement in the Roman empire for its citizens to offer incense to Caesar and declare, κύριος καῖσαρ 'Caesar is lord'? The story of the martyrdom of Polycarp is perhaps as good a source as any for a window into this ancient practice, which Christians refused to do, instead declaring that κύριος Ἰησοῦς 'Jesus is Lord', and thus suffered greatly.

I am thus really excited to announce my first release of an animated "mini-film" in Koine Greek about the Martyrdom of Polycarp. I have taken the text of the Martyrdom of Polycarp from the Apostolic Fathers verbatim (though some parts are cut out) and made a cinematic animated film based on the text. Watching this film will be an excellent way to develop your fluency in a meaningful and exciting way. It is set to come out at the beginning of next month (March 2019).

Make sure to become a site member (for free) in order to have access to the film when it is released.

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