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The next volume (Acts and Epistles) of the VATICANUS BIBLE is here, to complete the NEW TESTAMENT

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

In April of this year, released the world's first handheld (5" x 8") pseudo-facsimile of an ancient New Testament manuscript with chapter and verse references in the margins. This covered the four Gospels of Codex Vaticanus. If you haven't already seen the video about The Vaticanus Bible: Gospels, take a look here:

The positive feedback received in response to the release of The Vaticanus Bible: Gospels has been a helpful motivator to get the second volume published to round out the New Testament over these last 7 months or so. is now pleased to announce that the second volume (Acts and Epistles) of The Vaticanus Bible, which completes the New Testament portion of Codex Vaticanus, is finally here! As always, monthly/yearly προστάται get 20% and 40% discounts on The Vaticanus Bible! Check it out here: or

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The film includes Greek subtitles, facilitating comprehension for those unaccustomed to hearing spoken Greek. phrazle


Article Submission
Article Submission
Jun 16, 2023

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Thank you for the details on Semitic names with αι. It adds much learned background and comes to a practical outcome that probably represents whatever we said back in the BLC discussion. Persons with a Jewish/Hebrew background probably read [ai], while Greeks without much education probably read [ε], and there are several scenarios and groups in between. You may read ΙΕΣΣΑΙ [ ] with my blessing, not that you need my blessing. Thank you for all of this work.   כל הכבוד κῦδος ἐπί σοι.

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