How do we know how Koine Greek was pronounced? (in 2 minutes!)

As someone with a specialty in the historical phonology of Koine Greek and Hebrew in the Late Second Temple Period, I often have to answer the following question: ' how do we know how Koine Greek was pronounced?'

While scholars and experts in the field have known the answer to this question for a long time, those of us just beginning to study Greek, or those of us who are asking questions about which pronunciation is the best for reading/speaking in ancient Greek (Erasmian, Restored Attic, Academic, Living Koine, etc.), it is a rather new question of interest.

Accordingly, in this short video, I attempt to explain methodologically just how exactly we determine how Koine Greek was pronounced based on the evidence from manuscripts, papyri, and inscriptions.

Feel free to show this to your students if it would be helpful!

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