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FORUM for Communicative/Living Koine Greek and the "Living Language" Approach

I am pleased to announce the addition of the "Communicative Koine Greek" forum/message board to The purpose of this message board is to provide an online forum dedicated specifically and only to topics related to the communicative learning and teaching of Koine Greek as a living language.

I encourage you all to take part and contribute or ask questions as you see fit! This is a great place to link to your own material, videos, audio recordings, etc. We can all benefit by sharing what we are working on here. I very much encourage you to do so and you are welcome to promote your own material here.

(Note that this forum is specifically for communicative teaching/learning topics and not a general Greek forum. TextKit and B-Greek already serve that function quite nicely and this forum is not meant to compete with them in general. Rather, its focus is specifically on the "living language" approach to Koine Greek.)

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