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FILM (Coming Soon): Gospel of Mark in Koine Greek (review help needed!)

As the readers of my website, I am about to ask you for a favor to help me review the Gospel of Mark recording before it is edited into a film, see below ...)

I am really excited to announce that is partnering with Faith Comes by Hearing (as an affiliate of the Lumo Project) to produce the first ever (that I am aware of) full-length Koine Greek film of one of the gospels.

Personally, I find the quality of the Lumo Project films to be quite high. If you haven't heard of them, you can take a look here:

The Lumo Project films were made in such a way that one voice can do the narration for the entire film. It was designed that way so that it could be translated into as many languages as possible with a high degree of efficiency and smoothness.

Faith Comes by Hearing has an amazing team that is currently working at getting these films translated/narrated in as many different languages as possible. While the Lumo Project team themselves handles the languages with the most speakers, Faith Comes by Hearing handles those languages with fewer speakers.

I am so thankful that Faith Comes by Hearing has opened the door to work with to get this Gospel of Mark film done.

As you know, I recently finished and uploaded the Gospel of Mark recording to this website. I am now about to refine the audio and then pass it on to Faith Comes by Hearing for them to edit it into the film.

However, as readers/listeners of this website, I need your help! It is extremely important to make sure the recording is accurate and without mistakes before it gets edited into the film. As I see it, the more people that can check/review the work, the better.

I would be very grateful for any of you as listeners/readers to listen to a chapter or two (or as many as you like!) and either verify that there are no mistakes or point out to me any mistakes you find.

NOTE: The text I use is Robinson and Pierpont's Byzantine text. You can download it here:

Pronouncing an allophone here or there is not an issue to me, but anything that affects meaning or does not match the Byzantine text of Robinson and Pierpont should be addressed.

Thank you in advance!

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