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A 12-minute speech in Ancient Greek in Delphi

As many of my followers know, I recently travelled to Delphi, Greece to give a speech entirely in Ancient Greek about how ancient language learners learned Greek and Latin and what lessons we moderns can take from them and their methods. For those of you who missed the speech or would like to watch the speech again (with complete line-by-line captions in English and Greek), here it is below:

I was not actually the only one doing this. There was a group of Greek and Latin scholars from around the world who came and gave speeches in ancient Greek and Latin in our 'Classics in Praxis' section. We were focusing on how values from classical literature are relevant for modern society and politics. Because my expertise is so tied to the languages themselves, I figured I best keep to what I know and talk about how the ancients learned Greek and Latin.

It was such an honour to be a part of this event, which was powered by PeopleCert/LanguageCert and (of course) hosted by the Delphi Economic Forum.

After the speech, I was also able to record a short video in Ancient Greek while I walked the ancient path in between the Gulf of Itea and Delphi, which the ancients used to get to the oracle of Delphi. Watch it below:

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Enjoyed both videos though could only pick out some words on your Greek to Delphi.

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