ομιλια καθημερινη ‘daily conversation’: Practical Greek Phrases Daily (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter)

This blog post marks the launch of a new feature/section of the website called:

ομιλια καθημερινη ‘daily conversation’

How and where?

I have just recently added an Instagram feed to the homepage of the website (Facebook and Twitter as well).

I have made it a point to post daily (or almost daily) little conversational phrases in Koine Greek that I think those wanting to grow in fluency would appreciate.

I speak Koine Greek frequently with my toddler and thus am always searching for ways to grow my own fluency. Some of these phrases will come out of such a context (i.e., trying to grow in fluency myself on a daily basis), and others will be phrases I found in reading.

I will try to also include a brief description of the use and context for such a phrase in the image description.

Many (or most) come from the ancient Greco-Roman conversational manuals (see here: https://www.kainediatheke.com/blog/the-colloquia-of-the-hermeneumata-pseudodositheana-authentic-koine-greek-conversations-from-daily-l), though these can theoretically come from any source.

If you would like to get daily updates with a practical conversational Koine Greek phrase, go ahead and subscribe to one of the social media platforms of KaineDiatheke.com by clicking on the logo in the navigation bar.

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