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Spudtxt Tool 4 Igo 58


Spudtxt Tool 4 Igo 58

Can anybody tell me the meaning of this sentence? A: I am pretty sure that Spud is some sort of tool used for editing news. The tool is a tool. Edit After reading the comments I found the sentence to be something like "Spud is a tool" or "The tool Spud is". But I still don't know what Spud means in this context. Edit Here is the sentence I found out by using Google Suggest. "Spud is a tool" Pages Thursday, May 17, 2013 An Open Letter to ExxonMobil Dear Exxon,I want you to know that I'm most upset with you. Not for any of the things you've done, which have indeed been heinous and reprehensible, but simply because of the sheer number of things you've done. If you know where I've been at certain times, you might be able to guess which company has been at the center of my life. I've never met another company that I've become so used to. It's what we know, the shape of our days, and it has been that way for as long as I can remember. I don't know anyone who doesn't think this way. And what's more, I don't know anyone who is any different. ExxonMobil is the companion through life - even when you've done wrong, we've done wrong. I first learned of your troubles a few years ago. It was early Spring and I was clearing out my parent's garage and my mother's attic, looking for old toys and books for my son. I was sure I'd find some great things, but nothing - no toys, no dolls, no books, no games - no nothing. It was the same in my parents' attic. And then I found an old, dusty, road atlas tucked away in my father's underwear drawer. I paged through it; he was pretty familiar with the countries, but the dates were buried a bit deeper. And then I saw it. The Middle East. And then I saw the big oil companies. And then I found a map of Arab states marked with pipelines and borders. With Iraq circled in pink. And once I found that map, I knew what had happened. What you people are doing to the Middle East is wrong. Your invention of the electric car, your free alternative energy, your ability to put satellites in orbit and land them on other planets, your mad

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Spudtxt Tool 4 Igo 58