Become a KoineGreek.com προστάτης/προστάτις (patron) for HIGH BITRATE DOWNLOADS of audio recordings

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

All of the audio and video resources on KoineGreek.com have always been freely accessible via online streaming—whether on the website here or on YouTube.

For some time now, however, users of KoineGreek.com have been asking about the possibility of downloading the audio recordings so that they can be used without access to the internet.

Following the Greco-Roman model of literary patronage (προστασία), in which a patron (προστάτης (m.)/προστάτις (f.)) would help fund the literary work of an author, KoineGreek.com has decided to make high quality audio downloads available to anyone who would be willing to come on board as a KoineGreek.com προστάτης/προστάτις. Your support will not only help with the cost of running the website, but will empower KoineGreek.com to make even better quality resources for the future!

As a προστάτης, in exchange for support of just $5.49 per month (or $48.99 per year), you will receive:

  • HIGH QUALITY downloads (.mp3/.flac/.wavᵃ files) of KoineGreek.com's audio recordings

  • UNLIMITED downloads as long as your patronage lasts

  • Downloads that you can KEEP INDEFINITELY even if you cancel your patronage

Yes ... this means you can become a patron of $5.49 for one month, download all recordings, cancel your patronageᵇ,

and keep the audio files forever!

Although you are by all means welcome to do this, KoineGreek.com is determined to make the $5.49 per month patronage support cost well worthwhile for its προστάται 'patrons'. For example, beginning in the month of January, KoineGreek.com will begin to record and upload chapters of the Gospel of Matthew according to the text of Codex Vaticanus (Vat. gr. 1209), one of the most important early New Testament manuscripts in existence. Keeping your patronage going will allow you to download such recordings and anything else new that KoineGreek.com records as it comes out.

As noted earlier, a paid monthly patronage is also a great way to show your support for the site and empower KoineGreek.com to create even more materials going forward. Maintaining the website and producing resources has a cost and becoming a patron is a great way to help support KoineGreek.com in covering that cost. There are also some ideas for potential future resources that require an initial financial investment (e.g., for licensing permissions). Any financial support for the website thus empowers KoineGreek.com to produce even more unique resources going forward!

ᵃ The download system implemented on this website does not allow direct .wav downloads. However, if you are interested in a .wav file, please contact KoineGreek.com via the contact form on the home page after you have signed up for a paid membership and you can be supplied with .wav files and/or potentially other formats.

ᵇ To cancel your patronage, send an email (via the contact form on the home page) with the subject line "CANCEL PATRONAGE" and your account email in the email line. As long as your email is received before your renewal date, you will not be charged for the next billing cycle.

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